NorthWapiti's Sprite

Sprite is a world-class sled dog and accomplished leader. She came into our house and took charge. Strong and confident, head down when working in harness. Karen calls her "power steering" (she likes to cut corners and can drag the team the "right" way). Sprite's reputation is that of a tomboy -- in 2008 we saw her in Alaska before Iditarod; she'd decided her dog box was too fancy, so she curled up outside and over several days her body heat melted a hole in the snow so she was "below ground". A climber as a puppy, she still likes to dig and hunt for woodland critters. We visited NorthWapiti to pick up Casey and as an 11 year old she promptly climbed a 6' fence. She is super affectionate, giving lots of kisses and wanting belly rubs. She wags her tail whenever you say her name. Thanks, Karen, for letting your girl join our team!

Major Races


Sprite (in the middle of the picture, harnessed in haw swing) with the NorthWapiti's Pretty Sled Dog Team on the Iditarod Trail leaving Willow, 2008. Thirteen days later she led the team into Nome, 1000 miles down the trail.

Photo © Copyright 2008, Daniel Rehak, All Rights Reserved

Sprite, in her hole, getting some sleep before Iditarod 2008.

Photo © Copyright 2008, Daniel Rehak, All Rights Reserved