In our first three years we got a lot of dog mushing stuff -- all that we now have to haul around.

We started out with a dog scooter, which was great for Denali and Rubi, and also worked fine when Holly joined the team; one or two dogs, no problem. But it's difficult to scooter on snow, and you don't want to even try on a frozen, icy trail -- trust us. So, for the winter you need a sled. A sled works with a small team of two, or a big team, 8 or more dogs, but not a scooter -- two professionals is the limit, at least for us right now. So we added the rig for dryland mushing with 3 or more dogs.

The team with all their snow gear, Rubi and Sprite in lead, Holly in wheel, leaving the chute at the Jim Lobdell Sled Dog Race, Warren County Winterfest, January 2011 (thanks Babeth).

And finally, we added a fat bike for all those days when there's no enough snow for a sled and too much for anything else.

Here are the links to the pages for each of our major pieces of equipment, plus all the accouterments.

Pawtrekker, Free Trail ~ acquired October 2008.

Arctic Star Sleds, Shooting Star ~ acquired March 2010.

Artic Rigs, Artic-R ~ acquired July 2011.

Acquired 2018.

A summary of all the other key stuff you might want to have.