Best in Snow

We're a Siberian Husky micro kennel in Pittsburgh. We've done recreational urban dog mushing, both dryland and on snow, and educational activities. Plus we do travel photography and action photography at dog events. This site is our place to share our adventures and information and the history of what we've done.

We occasionally update our site, so we'll be adding more pictures, more links and resources and more about the dog truck as it we continue to customize it.

Here's Sprite, Casey, Holly and Dew on the Butler-Freeport Trail.


2014-01-11 Tug Line Toggles available

2012-01-26 Best in Snow Photography is open

2011-01-21 The Tiger (our dog truck) is home

Here's a short video from our sled cam of dog scootering with Holly and Rubi on the North Shore Trail in downtown Pittsburgh -- real urban mushing.