Rubina, CGC

    • Born circa 2003

    • Moved to her forever home: April 2005

    • Died: April 17, 2013

We don't know a lot about Rubi's background, except they said she was 2 years old, had been called Lady, and came to us from Animal Friendsas a failed foster and companion for Denali. Soft and silky, a red beauty who attracted lots of attention and questions about her color and being a bi-eyed Sibe. Shy around most other dogs, she knew what she wanted and could scream to get it -- she could literally make the house ring. She learned what it meant to be a working dog (some days she just said no), but also complained if she wasn't picked. She wanted to be part of the team, but just not work too hard. After 200+ miles in harness, she decided that the she didn't want to keep up with Sprite and Holly so she retired to just be our mascot. Rubi's favorite activity was napping outdoors in the sun on a cold day. She was obedience and agility trained, and earned her Therapy Dog certification. She was very versatile, but lazy and easily frustrated. Very food motivated and loved fish and pie crust!

Our story of how we got our dog team has more about Rubi.