Our Dogs

Update: February 2024. 

In 2023, we said goodbye to our last two sled dogs, Kelly (Isabella white) and Boo (gray).  Kelly and Boo arrived in September 2017 as 9-year-olds. [Boo was half sister to Casey--their mom was our beloved Sprite.] 

NorthWapiti's Kelly  Born June 21, 2008 -  Euthanized July 27, 2023  (15 yr 1 mo)

KELLY, who loved being a house dog and closer to the source of food and treats, said it was time to let her go when she could no longer get around on her own. We will remember her "reminders" that it was time to eat--two hours before the scheduled time! She was a sweetheart who loved being wherever we were.

NorthWapiti's BooKoo "Boo"   Born July 1, 2008 -  Euthanized December 18, 2023  (15 yr 5 mo)

Tough little BOO joined her pack mates, teammates and "Energy Drink" littermates (Wired, Jolt, Rocky and Sobe) across the rainbow bridge a few months after Kelly died. Three days earlier she had done zoomies in the yard, running loops with a big smile. But time caught up with her tough little body and she could no longer stand, eat or drink. But she didn't complain.  Never a cuddler, Boo let us hold her while she left this world. 

With the loss of these two girls, we've come to the end of our "sled dog" chapter. Since 2009, our lives have revolved around having fun with and caring for a total of 6 wonderful retired NorthWapiti sled dogs that Karen Ramstead entrusted to us for the remainder of their lives.  They were all beautiful, fit, smart, talented and always up for anything that involved running and pulling! They trained for and participated in several recreational dryland and snow races, made lots of school visits (pets and cell phone photos by 100's of middle school students!), were loaned out to other teams, and did many educational meet and greets.  Dan did over 1300 miles on scooter, rig or sled, admiring their athleticism and Karen's training as they ran down trails. Such smooth gaits!

The Siberians are why we own an RV aka "dog truck" that can go offroad in the snow; the reason we have a handicap ramp to our house; a main consideration for almost every decision we've made. We loved our huskies so much--they kept us on our toes and made us laugh! ["Huskies" include our rescue pets Tasha, Denali, and Rubi; and retired NorthWapiti sled dogs Holly, Sprite, Casey, Bang, Kelly and Boo.]

Below are the links to the individual pages of most of our dogs; we never got around to adding pages for Kelly and Boo, but here is here is our favorite photo of them, pulling a fat tire bike on the Montour trail in 2019 (photo by Emily Buerger of 4 Steady Paws Photography). 



Rubi CGC