Dog Truck Project

Tiger, Left Side
Two people, three or four dogs, sled, scooter or rig, travel stuff, serious winter stuff, dog stuff (see About Us to read about how we got here). One aging Toyota Highlander. We can go to a local trail for a morning run with the scooter, two people and three dogs, or we can go for a spring/fall weekend with two people and two dogs, or with winter gear for a weekend with one person and three dogs. Even with the roof box, bike rack and sled rack it doesn't all fit.

Here's our story about getting a dog truck. Use the links to skip to any of the parts. Still to come -- a photo album of the Tiger and all the features and equipment.
Dog Truck Timeline

2014-12: Furnace and Power Upgrade

2013-11: Major Suspension Upgrade

2012-09: Our first long trip; PA to Athabasca AB.

2011-10-21: The Tiger is home!

2011-08-31: The truck is at Provan.

2011-08-09: We got first pictures of building the coach.  

2011-07-20: We have our truck

2011-06-29: Truck has been built

2011-06-23: Truck has a build slot

2011-06-11: Truck ordered

2011-06-07: Getting a Tiger